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Meet Our Team

What makes us different?

We believe that people from different backgrounds, experience and perspectives contribute the best ideas.

On a daily basis, we combine our business experience, creative minds, relentless attitudes and deliver transformative results. We attribute much of the The 26 Co success to our Contributors passion and diversity.

Our Contributors

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Born & raised in Chicago, visionary, dog lover who loves to cook for his family and is the king of Monopoly.

Growing up I wanted to be a firefighter.

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Checklist maker, sun lover and self-proclaimed travel connoisseur. Sister to four, aunt to three, daughter to two and mother of one.

Growing up I wanted to be a teacher.

The26Co - Kristin


Teamwork, Communication, and Trust: These are 3 founding principles that have guided me throughout my career path. 

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1 of 12 kids, adores spending time with children & grandchildren, loves to cook and wants to learn to play pool (please reach out if interested in teaching him, for a small wager).

Growing up I was anxious to be a husband and father.

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Michael Oyervides Sr. is a mastermind of projects. He has served in the hospitality industry since 1976 (holy cow) making his way across the world, working on various size projects in the United States and Caribbean. Michael has served all aspects of the hospitality industry including drapery installer and even general contractor, this makes him an excellent contributor for The 26 Co. Over the history of Michael career, he has managedup to 12 projects at one time, and over 150M in capital projects over the span of his career.

Michael is heavily skilled at organization, contractor management, estimating, project scheduling, and project management. With his ability to leverage his resources, Michael continues to be asked for by our clients.

The veteran enjoys spending time with his grand kids, making homemade tamales, and staying busy. Outside of that he is waking up at 4:30am ( your saying seriously J ) getting meeting agendas together to send to your inbox.

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Zena Cockrell is an experienced accounting professional with an extensive background in corporate accounting functions and financial management oversight. Her responsibilities include management of all accounts payable and accounts receivable, deposits, bank and credit card reconciliation, payroll, and budgeting. In addition to these daily tasks, she also ensures adherence to financial reporting, performs monthly general ledger reconciliation, and handles all tax-related preparation.

Zena is client-focused in all of her accounting responsibilities, while remaining flexible to meet tight deadlines. She is a great team collaborator in all areas of financial management, and her attention to detail ensures compliance of industry accounting standards and adherence to all regulatory guidelines. By working closely with members of the Executive Team, Zena ensures that the financial vision of the company is properly aligned with future strategic goals and objectives. She is responsible for partnering with staff members on financial deliverables and time-sensitive projects, and she works with third-party service providers to ensure operational efficiency and optimal financial performance.

The26Co - Kristin


Kristin Tumin

Teamwork, Communication, and Trust: These are 3 founding principles that have guided me throughout my career path. With a marketing degree from the University of Central Florida and over 15 years in the corporate hospitality sector, it comes back to these three words that have brought projects to successful completion. Specific project management principles brought to the team include due diligence, branding management, vendor and contract negotiation, supplier connections and management, budget forecasting and analysis, onsite reviews and meetings, schedule forecasting, and thorough closeout

It is with passion, drive, and determination that I guide all project entities and parties involved with these principles throughout the lifecycle.

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Aaron Anderson co-founded The 26 Co in 2020, and is responsible for managing the day-to-day operations, company strategy, business development, and managing projects from time to time (which he loves). Since inception The 26 Co has managed over 90 million dollars in capital projects. Prior to founding The 26 Co Mr. Anderson worked for public traded companies managing over 2.2 Billion dollars in assets. Bringing his well-versed construction background to the industry has allowed him to managed projects all over the United States and Puerto Rico. Aaron currently serves on Hospitality Diversity Action Council and BDNY Advisory Board.

Aaron has experience with on-site and off-site positions including project management oversight, quality project management and superintendent for First Finish Construction. He has performed project management services for Fortune500 companies such as Starbucks, Wells Fargo, Cracker Barrel, Walgreens and Walmart. Prior to the construction industry, he was a firefighter and a certified Emergency First Responder. Mr. Anderson received a Bachelor of Applied Science in Construction Management from Westwood College. He studied Hotel Real Estate Investments and Asset Management. For 20 years he has also served as a volunteer and supporter of Tabitha House, Inc., a 501(c)3 organization that is dedicated to making a difference in the lives of the children, families, and communities.